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What You Need to Know About Buying A Foreclosure

Foreclosures can be home run investments, but, if you don’t do your due diligence, they can just as easily be the investment you regret.

Comprar casa con COVID-19 y ayudas

  Comprar casa con COVID-19 y ayudas Con la incertidumbre actual, hemos creado ayudas y planes alternativos. Estos son para comprar casa a pesar de lo que ha ocurrido debido a COVID-19. Estos planes a través de nuestros aliados suponen una nueva oportunidad.   Ayudas y planes para comprar casa por la situación de pandemia  y economia En PES Homes, hemos realizado una serie …

Creative real estate investment options

Ferdinand J. Ruaño talks Real Estate, covid-19, creative real estate investment options and economy on show Haciendo Negocios with Deisamar De Soto-Torres  It’s no news that COVID has changed many things in all industries and markets. With investors getting a bit nervous and looking for the best places to put their money in, Ferdinand offers new and creative real estate investments. He also mentions …

5 Best Dog Breeds for New Homeowners

Many people believe that a house is not a home unless a dog also resides there. In fact, a lot of first time homeowners are seeking out the companionship of an animal. While every breed of dog can make a wonderful addition to your new home, some are better suited than others, and for a variety of reasons. Some breeds of dogs are more …

How To Sell Your House Faster

When you work with a real estate investor, you’re working with a professional who does this for a living. They typically don’t use traditional financing, and will often make you a cash offer.

Why Credit Repair Takes Time

Honestly we wish we had a magic wand that could fix all negative credit reporting in one go, but unfortunately, credit repair doesn’t work that way.

COVID-19 Real Estate Showings

COVID-19 Real Estate showings have proven to be challenging for many. The reason is not that we can’t work. Actually, in Florida, Real Estate was declared an essential business. But, what to do when people don’t feel comfortable meeting with you? How do you sell those houses?   Preventive Measures One of the things we all have done is taking preventive measures. Wearing a …

PES habla de inversiones en bienes raices en Haciendo Negocios

Ferdinand J. Ruaño habla de inversiones en bienes raices, COVID-19, formas creativas para invertir en bienes raices y la economia en el  show Haciendo Negocios con Deisamar De Soto-Torres . Tema de la entrevista No es nada nuevo que COVID haya cambiado muchas cosas en todas las industrias y mercados. Con los inversores un poco nerviosos y buscando los mejores lugares para poner su …

5 Questions to Ask Your Landlord Before Signing A Lease

When you rent, your landlord will be part of your life. That said, it’s imperative you ask the right questions before entering into an agreement.

Hidden Savings Secrets

Home prices are more affordable today than they were in the entire past decade.

FORBES Full List: America’s Fastest-Growing Cities 2017

Forbes’ annual list of America’s fastest-growing cities provides a holistic picture of places on the upswing.

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Renting to Own

A lease option can work out beautifully for you as the buyer if you walk into the arrangement with your eyes open.

Why For Sale By Owner Is A Bad Idea

If you’re trying to sell your property yourself to a retail buyer, you’re in for a challenging ride. When you choose to go the For Sale By Owner route it’s likely you’ll encounter numerous issues.

Online showings for real estate. Distance doesn’t make us distant.

Online showings for real estate have become the new normal. We are doing from face-timing to showing the house through 3D models on our websites or videos on Youtube of our homes. Our agents are doing anything and everything to help you find what you need through online showings and attend your needs and fears in these difficult times. Far from distancing us, COVID-19 …

7 Tips To Maintaining Good Credit

1. Pay Your Bills On Time Being late on payments is the number one contributor to poor credit.

Inversionistas hispanos invierten en Estados Unidos

Inversionistas hispanos invierten en Estados Unidos Los inversionistas hispanos invierten en Estados Unidos. Esta es una de las economías más estables actualmente a nivel mundial. Debido a la inestabilidad de muchos países hispanos y sus economías en decaimiento, los inversores y empresarios hispanos, miran hacia Estados Unidos como el lugar donde invertir su patrimonio para salvarlo y continuar creciendo. Hemos visto ejemplos de la …

Protected: Luxury Lifestyle in Winter Park

PES Homes is offering 1460 Sunset Dr.Winter Park, Florida. This Beautiful 2 story 4 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom, 3155 Sq.Ft. Ranch style home in the heart of Winter Park on Lake Wilbar, completely renovated.

Covid-19 and Real Estate in Cape Coral

  Ferdinand Ruano, CEO of Private Equity Solutions talks about Covid and Real Estate in Cape Coral on Radio Show Al Cien X Cien. His company is offering first responders additional credit of $5,000 on top of other offers when they purchase one of their homes in Cape Coral. Real Estate in Cape Coral has become one of our focuses as the demand in …

Why Renting to Own is a Smart Choice Today

Like all great agreements, renting to own is beneficial to both the seller and the buyer.

Due to the earthquakes in Puerto Rico, ‘Inversionistas Hispanos 2020’ changes date as a sign of respect to the victims

Orlando, FL – ‘Inversionistas Hispanos 2020’ (an international event for Latin investors) changes its original date (January 30, 2020) to April 30 as a sign of respect to the victims of the earthquakes in Puerto Rico and the Venezuelan investors who were coming to the event after the latest events in their country with the latest revolts. “A large number of those interested in …

5 Overlooked Perks of Good Credit

There are a lot of perks for people who use credit to their advantage.

Are You Better Off Renting?

True, the American Dream sells home ownership as the ultimate benchmark of success, but it’s not true for everyone.

What to Expect as a Tenant Buyer

In a rent to own agreement, since you’re both a tenant and the future owner of the home, you’re expected take greater pride in the property.

¿Donde invertir tu dinero? – PES Homes en Telemundo

¿No sabes dónde invertir tu dinero? En tiempos de incertidumbre como el que estamos viviendo, es importante saber donde invertir tu dinero. Los bienes raíces o real estate son uno de los lugares más seguros de inversión según muchos expertos. Dicho esto, Telemundo  nos preguntó que áreas son buenas para realizar esa inversión. Areas de Florida donde invertir El área de Fort Myers dentro …

How to find the best home for you

Wondering how to find the best home for you? Finding the home that’s right for you does not have to be complicated. Does the traditional MLS and bank financing system have you frustrated and losing faith in your ability to own a home? The 3 steps to find the best home for you Don’t give up just because they rejected you for traditional bank …

5 Things To Expect When Meeting with An Investor

Most sellers are used to dealing with realtors but have never had an exchange with a real estate investor.

How to Spot A Real Deal

When it comes to real estate, how can you differentiate the deals from the REAL deals – you know, the one’s that graduate you from dabbler, to legitimate investor?

Are all homes for sale on the MLS?

Are all homes for sale on the MLS? Traditionally, when buying and selling houses, most folks call on real estate agents to help them find the best home for the best deal. These agents usually focus on an interchange of available properties for sale. This is called the “Multiple Listing Service” (or MLS for short). How we can help you get a true win-win …

‘Inversionistas Hispanos 2020’ cambia de fecha por respeto a las victimas de los terremotos en Puerto Rico

Orlando, FL. ‘Inversionistas Hispanos cambia su fecha original (30 de enero del 2020) al 30 de abril por respeto a las victimas de los terremotos en Puerto Rico y a los inversionistas venezolanos que venían al evento tras los últimos acontecimientos en su país y a la espera de ver como los acontecimientos pueden afectar parte del contenido del evento. “Gran numero de los …

Why buy a home instead of renting in Florida? Hidden Savings Secret

Why buy a home instead of renting in Florida? Owning a home is part of the American dream. But it doesn’t really have to be just a dream. Let’s look at why buy a home instead of renting:    1.- Building wealth and buying up Many think that buying is for those who want to settle but statistics say that most homeowners will go …

Two Truths About Closing Deals

When it comes to closing a deal there’s no magic bullet, there’s no perfect script. No deal is ever the same because, in real estate, you’re dancing with people, and everybody is unique.

Top 5 Ways of Increasing the Value of Your House for Sale

Most people are interested in increasing the value of your house when it comes time to sell. When it comes to selling your house, you want to make sure that you get the best possible price for your home. When you sell with a real estate company such as PES Homes Realty, they will strive to get you the best deal possible. There are …

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