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COVID-19 Real Estate Showings

Posted by Marie on May 15, 2020
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COVID-19 Real Estate showings have proven to be challenging for many. The reason is not that we can’t work. Actually, in Florida, Real Estate was declared an essential business. But, what to do when people don’t feel comfortable meeting with you? How do you sell those houses?


Preventive Measures

One of the things we all have done is taking preventive measures. Wearing a mask, scheduling the appointments, and avoiding massive open houses. Part of our daily routines now includes constant disinfection and even plastic booties in some situations. We are on top of the guidelines watching for new measures on the COVID-19 real estate situation.


3D Tours

Even with that, it’s not enough, so we’ve ramped up the 3D tour option and created more of these for several properties including all of the ones for sales and for rent in Cape Coral and North Port. These homes are in a very sought-after area during the COVID -19 crisis. Cape Coral and North Port offer the lifestyle many want now. The homes we represent there are new construction with no rugs, filtered water, and other finishes that are favorable to a healthy lifestyle. The 3D tours allow those potential buyers who are looking to move there, to see the details and walk through the homes without having to travel.


Online Conferences and Facetime

We’ve always been tech-savvy and looked for new ways to connect. But in times of a pandemic, we pumped up the COVID-19 real estate tech strategy. Our realtors are doing showings through facetime and scheduling conference calls via Zoom or Skype. Technology has definitely allowed us to get closer to our clients.



Another thing we have implemented are videos. Video tours of the homes guided or not by our realtors, allow us to show the homes t to many who may not be comfortable using the 3D tour. Videos are also easy to share and post on our different platforms.


Social Media

We are encouraging our realtors to post more and stay active on social media. Live stories and videos are important at a time when most people are spending more time online than before. We even have a social media and digital marketing coach for free to assist our people. If you are a realtor who likes these types of help and are thinking of switching to a new brokerage, contact us here. 


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