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Rent to own

We Make Owners Out of Renters
Because Everyone Should Be Able to Own Their Home

PES Homes is Excited to Announce Our Rent2Own Today Program!

Here’s HOW and WHY it works:

Selling on a structured Lease Purchase/Owner Financing has many benefits to the seller and the buyer, creating a win- win situation.We will agree to buy your home from day one, with terms that will work for you. We have an in-depth list of pre-qualified buyers looking to purchase their home with Lease Purchase Terms or with Structured Owner Financing.

We will locate a qualified tenant-buyer who will use our system and will ultimately qualify for a mortgage within a specified period and cash you out. Our buyers are working with a mortgage professional the entire time to ensure all steps to financing are being completed. Once we have an interested buyer in your home, the final due diligence process takes place.

If everything at that point makes sense, we have a formal in-person interview with them. If they love the home and their financial criteria match up, we will present them to you for your approval. We will then construct terms and conditions for that buyer that are custom-made to their specific timeframe for financing with a mortgage, which also fit your needs and requirements.

We are always marketing for new buyers and work hard at cultivating quality relationships with quality buyers. So if the buyer for your home is not currently in our database, we will market aggressively to attract them.
With our experienced team of professionals, we take care of the whole process, start to finish. Our lawyers will prepare all the paperwork and close the transaction at the buyer’s cost.

Three key factors separate our firm from others:

First, the way we qualify our buyers. All of our buyers are run through a thorough due diligence process, which begins by being qualified as a traditional borrower. We enlist the use of a 20 year licensed Mortgage Broker who will verify job, income, credit, credit score and credit history, debt to income ratios, credit/mortgage readiness.They provide us with the specific reasons the buyer cannot finance today and give us a time frame and concise blueprint to when they will likely be able to finance. Every buyer is qualified thoroughly, and you will have full approval rights on anyone we would like to work with.

Second is our ability to structure favorable terms and conditions. From the information provided to us by the lender, we can custom-make the terms around the buyer’s ability and timeframe to finance, at the same time meeting the seller’s needs and requirements. Terms to be considered are the purchase price, monthly payment, and length of term. We will work with you beforehand to create terms that you find agreeable and marketable.

Third is the way we implement and execute the final agreement. We do everything in our power to make sure we are setting up our buyer for success in ultimately obtaining a mortgage. We work with them closely throughout their term with us to ensure their success in getting to the financing table. We have a law firm prepare a complete closing package. WE ARE SO CONFIDENT IN OUR PROGRAM, IF OUR BUYER DOES NOT PERFORM IN THE TIME FRAME WE ALL AGREE ON, WE WILL MAKE YOU A CASH OFFER AT THAT TIME.

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